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Lords MobileBest Cavalry Equipment - Lords.

Cavalry/Ranged ATK Gear. From Lords Mobile Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. This is a gear you can use when you´ve set youre talent´s more towards cavalry and ranged and are using army lineup:Cavalry Phalanx. Helmet: Bumblehelm Cavalry ATK 30%, Ranged ATK 30%, Army Max HP 20%. In Lords Mobile, the leader's equipment set gives a huge boost to the stats of the player and can easily turn the tide of battle. The game features three major statistics for war – attack bonus, HP bonus and defense bonus. It is important to remember the best stat to have on an equipment is attack, followed by HP and then defense. The best war gear will be available for when you’re Level 60, but any army attack boost or HP boost war gear is better than none. Personally I don’t put jewels in my war gear, I’m saving them to make into purple or gold jewels for my Level 60 gear, but this is a personal choice as. Non-Troop Specific Attack/Defense Gear. From Lords Mobile Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. Just one person's opinion: My all gold wish list Only listing war buffs: 3x Burning Scrolls Accessory Army ATK 9%; Army Max HP 9%; Dark Aegis Off-hand. An overview of all gear available in Lords Mobile, including the best gear for each boost, a selection of gear sets, with information about the required materials and the boosts.

Strategy 5 – Protect your troops from attack. In lords mobile, there is 2 way to protect your troop.The first one is to use shield but it can be really expensive to be shielded 24/24.To protect your troop at no cost you need to shelter your troop and if you have more troop than your shelter capacity you need to do a fake rally of 8h on. Are you a serious Lords Mobile player? Feel free to read the other articles on dominating Lords Mobile. Does your Guild suck? Here’s my complete guide on Guilds in Lords Mobile! Do you know how to attack properly? Here’s the complete guide to battle in Lords Mobile. Are you using the best gear? Discover the correct gear to use in Lords Mobile! 27/06/2018 · Troops are the key to success for attacking your opponents and defending against them: A well-trained army will bring you victory in Lords Mobile. However, especially for beginners, troop management may seem a little “complex” since there are different tiers.

Level 60 Gear Choosing the Correct Troop type is the most important part of attacking in lord’s mobile, it’s like a 3x advantage getting the Troop type correct. Even if you have the best full infantry gear in the game you are better off using ranged with no gear against cav than infantry with amazing gear. Lords mobile is a game of troop. 07/05/2017 · Ideally, it will be good to have 3-4 Set of gear and equip it when u are doing that specific job. Below are the idea equipment for the current end game gear.

16/03/2017 · Battle guide and strategy. Battle is the core of lords mobile, your strategie and your might definte if you win or lose a battle.No one like to lose a battle, that why you always need to play smarter than your oppenent to minimize your lost.I will share you some of my strategie i use in war and I hope you will use them to victory. Click here to read my full overview for gear in Lords Mobile. And for a complete rundown on jewels in Lords Mobile, click here. Obviously before setting up the gear and jewels you will also have to set up the Talents. Click here to learn more about the settings of the Talent Tree. Infantry Gear and Jewels. The gear is very important.

Mythic Gear is one of the latest inventions of Lords Mobile. It is the level that is higher up in the gear level than Gold yellow. If you don’t know what gear is then you probably are really bad at Lords Mobile and will need to read this article urgently. In case you were wondering why the Mythic Gear is orange. The answer is very simple. This guide for Lords Mobile assumes you have read other guides out there. Anyone can be a solo attacker, it is very easy, just attack people with less might than you. However if you want to take down people with higher might, or past a certain point, you need the gear and jewels to do so. 20/12/2019 · No troops will be lost here, so go all out! Gather your military allies and make use of different tactics on the battlefield to achieve victory in LORDS MOBILE, a multiplayer war strategy RPG. Attack and conquer new territory, plan your battle strategy with your heroes and warlords, and build an epic empire! Your kingdom awaits. There are lots of videos and tutorials on how to attack in Lords Mobile. Most of them are garbage but a few are actually good. Defending,. to lose the 10% Battle Fury ATK boost than to let them know that you’re ready for an attack. Having incorrect gear like gathering gear or monster hunting gear.

Lords Mobile Tips, Tricks & Guide to Defeat Your Enemies RPG Strategy Tim April 27, 2016 IGG’s new massively multiplayer online real-time strategy MMORTS game Lords Mobile is now available for Android and iOS devices, and that means it’s time to battle in a “world of chaos.”. You and your guild hive will get raided by stronger plays/Guilds. There are several ways to protect yourself from this. Firstly let’s look at the reasons you are getting raided. You over produce your resources You don’t shelter your leader & troops Your castle isn’t shielded Low Might Low kill. Equipment grades common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary and mythic Lords Mobile Mythic Equipment Guide Download. Download Lord Mobiles apk. In the last update, IGG introduced mythic category and its stats are mind-blowing. Lords Mobile: Guide to Rally Darknest When scouting a Darknest to rally, you need to take into account what types of soldiers to counter and what's the major trap inside the nest. This is the same as attacking a castle – minus sending in Siege. Gear Tersakit Kavaleri Untuk Menyerang Attack Pada Game Lords Mobile - Lords Mobile adalah salah satu game strategi perang terbaik yang pernah saya mainkan. Game mobile online yang satu ini menuntut player untuk berfikir keras dalam mengatur strategi perang baik itu menyerang attack atau bertahan dari serangan musuh. Hal ini yang membuat.

15/05/2016 · - Try and do normal stages to collect both gear for your hero’s and speed ups. - Don’t keep changing your mind on which hero you want. Focus on five hero’s only and you’ll go far. Otherwise you won’t go anywhere. Colosseum: - You need a diverse team for attacking. Don’t focus on one particular thing. - 2 attack, 2 magic and 1 tank. All information relating to the gear set Siege Engine ATK Paid in Lords Mobile including the total boosts, requirements and cost. Our Lords Mobile soldiers work hard as well. They farm, they train, they defend, they eat all your food. Anyway, let's take a minute and pay our respects to these heroes! We'll pick 3 grand winners to receive 💎 10K Gems 💎 and 500 other players will receive 1000 Gems24H SpeedUp24H Shield. Follow this format: IGG IDYour comment.

4. Heroes & Gear So the basics have been covered, now We get into the detail. Heroes are a huge part in the Lord's Mobile experience. Having a good line up is very important. Any heroes who carry boosts to your defence, traps, health and attack are useful. Needless to say, the higher your heroes rank and level, the better use he will be. All information relating to the boost type Army ATK in Lords Mobile including what research projects increase Army ATK and what the best gear is for Army ATK and whether the boost can be acquired from Buildings, VIP Levels, Lord Skills Trees, Gear, or Items. Lords Mobile: Prepare to enter a world of chaos in Lords Mobile, a real-time, competitive strategy game. Build up your empire, collect exotic Heroes, train your troops, and battle your way to the top! Even in this dog-eat-dog world, perhaps you’ll find an alliance within a.

08/11/2018 · Everyone knows how lords mobile's game play works, so I'll skip the basic/beginner explanation. DO NOT ATTACK THE SMALL RABBIT BEHIND PRIMADONNA, AS IT WILL HELPS HER TO GAIN RAGE AND ALLOWING HER TO CONSTANTLY ULTIMATE. Once killed, the Darknest gives out essence which you can transmute in the transmutation lab to obtain rewards gems, resources, speed ups etc. The prizes you get really depends on.

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